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Information silos block benefits of healthcare data analysis

Government regulations encourage healthcare providers to maintain information silos, hobbling the data analysis that could improve business processes and patient care.


High-quality data is the foundation of customer loyalty

Without high-quality data, building customer relationships is a constant struggle. Companies need to clean up messy databases and establish connections based on complete, up-to-date information -- or risk losing business.

Maintaining customer data quality is no joke

Businesses today collect and store lots of contact data. But maintaining that information can mean the difference of knowing customers -- and no customers at all.


Chasing that 360-degree view of customers

How can companies remove data silos to get a full picture of their customers?

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    age of the customer

    Age of the customer is the concept that consumers are more empowered than ever because they can access information about products and services over the Internet in real time. 

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    law of diminishing returns

    The law of diminishing returns is an economic principle that states that as investment in a single goal increases, while all other variables remain constant, the return on investment will eventually decline.

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    Apple iBeacon

    Apple’s iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to detect a compatible device within a beacon's vicinity.

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