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New sales tools offer fresh take on lead generation software

New lead generation software helps companies sift through mountains of so-so sales prospects -- and tighten the grip on existing customers.


Enterprise collaboration tools encourage communication, inside and out

Companies are increasingly using enterprise collaboration tools to brainstorm ideas in a secure, recordable fashion, internally and beyond the perimeter of a company's four walls.


Integrating marketing automation software with a CRM system

Marketing and sales departments need a consistent way to share knowledge, so marketing automation and CRM systems need to enable knowledge exchange.


Customer data privacy looms large in social business

Using social media to gather data on customers has been rife with opportunities -- and risks -- for customer data privacy.

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    Putting customers on the map with geolocation mobile apps

    Digital marketing, mobility and social networks are changing the way we think about the customer experience. No longer is it enough to send the same message to all customers -- it now must be personalized. To that end, business professionals are ...

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    Apple iBeacon

    Apple’s iBeacon is a location-based service on Apple mobile devices, such as the iPhone, running the company’s operating system (iOS) that tracks the device’s location and can alert other apps when it approaches or leaves a location.

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    Geneva Stephens

    Geneva Stephens is a senior manager of sales operations at AT&T, where she is responsible for implementing

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