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Tips for evaluating today's CRM tools

The right CRM platform can give your organization a big boost; not just in sales and marketing, but in every area of your customer engagement strategy.


Blockchain technology applications could shake up CRM

Blockchain supports Bitcoin, but speculation has started about blockchain technology applications someday improving CRM due to their security strengths. That integration will probably take time.


Martech stacks built on three basic tools

There are about 5,000 vendors in the marketing technology space, but you may need only about three for a complete martech stack. Here's how to choose the right ones.


How CRM benefits today's marketing-driven organizations

By implementing customer relationship management tools, organizations have the potential to make significant improvements in marketing efficiency, sales and customer service.

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CRM / Call Center Basics

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    churn rate

    Churn rate is a measure of the number of customers or employees who leave a company during a given period. It can also refer to the amount of revenue lost as a result of the departures.

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    Top five benefits of speech analytics tools

    Learn the top benefits of speech analytics technology for contact centers, and how speech analytics tools can lead to a better customer experience.

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    Strategic marketing software boosts inbound marketing tactics

    It's not enough to just purchase new marketing software. Your overall business strategy will determine your company's needs and steer you away from costly mistakes.

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