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Guide to customer experience management best practices, technologies

In this Essential Guide, experts identify technologies, strategies and best practices for customer experience management.

Customer experience management (CEM) is a growing part of customer relationship management, fueled by new technologies (e.g., tablets and smartphones) and the influx of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Glowing praise or scathing reviews are instantly viewed by millions of consumers, and companies have taken note.

This guide consists of articles that shed light on the new technologies shaping CEM today and offers advice on strategies and best practices organizations can use to optimize customer relations, increase profit and keep up with their consumers.


1. Social media and other technologies that are changing CEM

Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook have influenced customer experience management in a big way, and companies are now investing in new technologies to keep pace and maintain good customer relations. These articles detail how organizations are incorporating social tools and customer experience management best practices into their operations.


2. Making the most of technologies and employees

Technology is important, but it's not much use without strategies on how and when to use it while managing customer relationships. This section has articles that describe how businesses are serving their customers by investing in their employees.

Best practices

3. Best practices for customer experience management

This section includes best practices for organizations to follow when managing the customer experience. The articles include both success stories and stumbles of businesses that employ CEM.

  • How to plan for customer experience management

    Customer experience management is not just about managing customers; it's also about managing the processes. Experts weigh in with advice on what companies should do to improve customer service quality.


  • CEM a priority, not an afterthought

    Jeanne Bliss, co-founder and vice chair of Customer Bliss, a customer experience consultancy based in Los Angeles, shares her insights on why executives should regard CEM as the true work of their organizations.


  • IT and contact center must join forces for great CEM

    For customer experience management to succeed, it is imperative that the contact center and IT department improve communication and work in tandem. Collaboration is key to preventing frustration and project delays.


  • Content matters in customer experience management

    Delivering the right content the right way at the right time is essential for successful customer experience management. See what steps businesses are taking to communicate information to their customers.


  • Re-measure contact center metrics

    Evaluating employee performance is a catalyst for improving performance, but the metrics used to do so are sometimes outdated. Contact center metrics should be updated to relate more to customer experience management and business drives, not just tally call-handling goals.



4. Terms related to CEM

This section contains common terms associated with customer experience management.


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