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November 2011, Vol. 1, Issue 1

Bridging the customer experience chasm

Tune into business news these days and it's hard not to see the effect that the voice of the customer is having on day-to-day business decisions. Bank of America and other large banks' recent decision to ditch their much-maligned plans for a $5 monthly debit fee is a recent example showcasing how powerful customer influence and how important customer experience management (CEM) have become, thanks in part to social media venues like Twitter and Facebook. While it's hard to find a company that isn't paying some sort of homage to the concept of improving customer experience, the reality is many are struggling to carry out their objectives, hampered by longstanding cultural customs that favor controlling, not responding to, customer interaction and messaging. It's not exactly that companies aren't listening to customers; it's more that they're having a hard time translating what is said. Seeped in longstanding traditions, it's difficult for companies to move past their conventional inward-focused cultures, making it next to ...

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