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November, Volume 1, Issue 7

Customer experience management technologies shape business strategies

At a Burger King in Amesbury, Mass., one of Coca-Cola’s newest creations sits next to the pick-up counter. The touchscreen soda fountain glows red and white in the dim lighting, and colorful buttons beckon customers to try out the machine. Coca-Cola Freestyle, introduced in 2009, provides a new way for people to interact with the Coke brand and delivers individual control for each user. It’s yet another example of technology shaping customer experience management (CEM). The touchscreen machines offer more than 100 drink combinations to customers, who can stick with Coke or craft their own drink recipes—with a dozen fruit flavors and 21 base syrups to choose from, including Coke Zero, Powerade, Sprite and Dasani. The machines have been gradually deployed over the past three years in fast food restaurants, movie theaters and convenience stores across the United States and Canada. Coke’s effort to integrate technology and customer experience exemplifies how companies are shifting their strategies toward a customer-centric model, ...

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