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August 2012, Vol. 1, Issue 5

Southwest, others make mobile and social CRM fly

For companies that depend on repeat business from loyal customers, maintaining a reputation for quality customer service is critical. For Southwest Airlines, that means delivering a reliable travel customer service—on-time flights and intact luggage—as well as running a contact center that can respond quickly to customer concerns. To respond effectively, companies have to first see the feedback—and that can be a real challenge with all the different social CRM channels that consumers use to communicate. A few years ago, Southwest discovered that many of its customers were not calling when they needed help or even emailing. Instead, customers were posting about the airline on social media sites, where everyone except Southwest customer services staff could respond. “There was a portion of the customer base that wasn’t comfortable calling or emailing, but were tweeting,” said Catherine Gantt, manager of customer advocacy and communications for Southwest. Turning to social media In response, Southwest developed a customer support ...

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