• Auditing your CRM software

    This chapter gives decision-makers practical insight for planning, designing, and deploying CRM systems that deliver on their promises -- and for avoiding the pitfalls that cause so many CRM implementations to fail. You'll find ways to audit your ...  Continue Reading

  • Shopping for CRM systems

    This chapter offers a look into how to properly select the CRM software that is right for your company. You'll find explanations of all types of CRM software options, including vertical software, CRM suites and mid-range versus high-end systems. ...  Continue Reading

  • Call center performance management: Top five buzzwords

    Find out more about the top five buzzwords in call center performance management. Learn about service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs), call center metrics and real-time analytics.  Continue Reading

  • How to Conduct a Call Center Performance Audit

    This guide explains how to conduct a performance audit and understand more than 50 specific aspects of a call center that must be running smoothly in order to achieve maximum performance in both efficiency and effectiveness of handling inbound ...  Continue Reading

  • Customer Service and the Human Experience

    One of the leading challenges for today's call center managers is the training and motivating of excellent agents. While much attention has been focused on the technology and benefits of providing multiple channels for customer contact, little ...  Continue Reading

  • The Executive Guide to Call Center Metrics

    In this sample chapter from "The Executive Guide to Call Center Metrics" by James C. Abbott, you'll find a guide to call center metrics and their uses. This chapter includes information on choosing which metrics to use, how to build and format ...  Continue Reading

  • Customer loyalty: Top five buzzwords

    Find out more about the top five customer loyalty buzzwords that every call center manager and marketer should know. SearchCRM.com's extensive glossary includes these key terms: churn rate, customer lifecycle, customer service and support, ...  Continue Reading

  • Designing the Best Call Center for Your Business

    Designing the Best Call Center for Your Business examines all key aspects of opening and expanding a live agent call center. In this sample chapter, "Training and Retention," learn about how to train call center agents and keep them motivated...  Continue Reading

  • CRM at the Speed of Light, Chapter 17

    Read this chapter, "CRM Strategy: First in Plan, First in Implementation, First in the Heart of the Customer," from CRM at the Speed of Light is an in-depth look at the fundamental elements of a CRM strategy. Learn about building a ...  Continue Reading