Average handle time (AHT)

CRM Average handle time (AHT):

Average handle time (AHT)

Metric: Average handle time

Acronym: AHT

Definition: The total amount of work time related to calls, including average talk time (ATT) and average after call work time (ACW), divided by the number of calls handled.

Application: AHT is the total average amount of time a CSR spends talking and in post call work in relation to a call. Comprised of ATT and ACW.

Tips about using average handle time as a call center metric:
AHT is a metric which can be monitored or measured at a CSR, center or enterprise level.
Similar to ATT, AHT can be easily manipulated so caution is given to how this metric is monitored or measured.
Aside from call volume and service level, it is the most critical metric in determining the workforce required.

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