Microsoft CRM guide

CRM Microsoft CRM guide:

Microsoft CRM guide

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a recent addition to the CRM midmarket, but it's already making headlines and forcing major competitors Oracle and SAP to work for their market share. This guide will get you up-to-date on Microsoft CRM. If you're just starting out with CRM software selection, start at the beginning to learn more about evaluating Dynamics CRM. You'll find pros and cons of choosing Microsoft CRM and expert advice on evaluation. If you've already decided to implement Microsoft CRM, skip ahead to find tips on deployment plus advice on managing and using Microsoft CRM.

  • Microsoft CRM overview

    In chapter one, we'll provide a Microsoft CRM overview through definitions of key terms and a review of recent news stories on Microsoft CRM. If you're starting to evaluate CRM software and plan to include Microsoft CRM as an option, start here to learn more about the software giant's CRM offering. You'll find recent news stories here, as well as relevant definitions to get you started learning about Dynamics CRM.

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  • Microsoft CRM evaluation

    Get Microsoft CRM evaluation resources to help you decide if Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the right choice for your organization, whether it's a small to midsized business (SMB) or enterprise. Other readers have found answers to their Microsoft CRM evaluation questions; use the expert responses here to help you decide.

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  • Microsoft CRM implementation

    Start with chapter three if you've already made your CRM software decision and are preparing for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. Read about issues other businesses have encountered during implementations and what the experts have to say about Microsoft CRM. Find case studies that examine the reasons behind choosing Microsoft Dynamics for CRM software. Then read advice from's dedicated expert, Richard Smith, who answers reader questions about Microsoft CRM deployments.

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  • Using Microsoft CRM

    Get tips for using Microsft CRM, including management best practices and tips for success. Then read expert advice on the best ways to take advantage of Microsoft CRM's strengths in sales and marketing.

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  • Related guides on CRM products and CRM vendors

    In chapter five, explore other areas of CRM and call center strategy with's learning guides. You'll find learning tools that will give you a complete look at the CRM market and its challenges. Use these guides for specific CRM-related topics, before, during and after your implementation.

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