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CRM SAP CRM guide:

SAP CRM guide

In just a few years, SAP went from a notable CRM vendor to a market leader -- and it shows no signs of slowing down. This SAP CRM guide is the place to get up to speed on SAP CRM regardless of where you are in the learning or buying process. If you're new to SAP CRM, we suggest you start with our SAP learning center covering the fundamentals. If you're shopping for technology, read the sections on evaluating CRM, including a comparison of Oracle and SAP. If you're currently managing SAP technology, explore best practices for marketing and sales. In each section, we'll guide you through our resources to maximize your learning experience.

New in this guide

  • About SAP CRM

    This first chapter of the SAP CRM All-in-One Guide offers an introduction to SAP CRM terms and news. Start here if you are just beginning your research on SAP CRM or if you need to get up to speed with recent market news and where SAP fits into the big picture.

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  • SAP CRM software evaluation

    Find guidelines and advice for SAP CRM software evaluation in chapter two. Skip to this section once you've mastered the fundamentals and you are ready to begin comparing CRM products. Here you'll find advice from independent experts on the pros and cons of SAP CRM, plus an in-depth comparison of Oracle and SAP CRM.

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  • SAP CRM implementation

    Learn everything you need to know about SAP CRM implementation in chapter three. Skip to this section if you're looking to prepare your CRM implementation strategy. You'll read implementation advice from SAP experts plus you'll learn about challenges other organizations have encountered during implementations.

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  • Using SAP CRM

    Skip to chapter four if you've already deployed SAP CRM at your organization. In this section you'll find tips and techniques for the established SAP program, including best practices for using SAP CRM to drive marketing and sales departments.

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  • More SAP and CRM learning guides

    Looking for more information on SAP CRM? In this section, browse learning tools from and

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