Dreamforce 2012 conference coverage

Dreamforce 2012 conference coverage

The latest news, features, video and analysis from Salesforce.com's annual conference, Sept. 18-21, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco

Dreamforce 2012 bills itself as the largest enterprise technology and cloud computing event ever. With 70,000 people expected to attend – and another 30,000 predicted to watch online – the four-day event could very well solidify the reputation of Salesforce.com as one of the leading software vendors.

Held in San Francisco, Dreamforce intends to showcase the company's strengths in connecting businesses with customers through social applications. Burberry, Virgin Atlantic, Toyota and General Electric are just a few of the companies that will talk about how Salesforce has improved their cloud and CRM platforms.

Dreamforce will also feature the unveiling of new products, including Work.com – the rebranded and redeveloped Rypple, the human resources software company Salesforce.com acquired earlier this year. And Salesforce.com will introduce Touch, which an executive hinted will be the entire Salesforce platform on an iPad.

If that's not enough, Gen. Colin Powell, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and other well-known figures will give keynote talks that will probably tie motivation and cloud computing. And The Red Hot Chili Peppers – which has a tweeting bassist and drummer – will perform a show for attendees in the shadow of San Francisco City Hall.

Adam Riglian of SearchCloudApplications.com, Albert Mckeon of SearchCRM.com and Barney Beal, a TechTarget senior executive editor, will be at Dreamforce following all the buzz, so check out this page daily.

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