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Call center

Explore call center customer service resources here, including tips for managing call center software and advice for call center operations management and performance management. Learn best practices for call center workforce management and get advice for managing call center agents and measuring agent performance. Discover how call center management training can improve your management skills. Read about innovative customer service departments that have used call center management solutions and systems. Learn about good customer service through case studies for call center supervisors and use those tips to help optimize customer service in your call center. Find news and information about trends like call center outsourcing, hosted call centers and VoIP in the call center, online customer service and speech technology in the call center. Best of all, uncover resources to help you in your call center management job and learn how to advance in your call center career. More about Call center

CRM management

Discover the latest CRM management and planning resources here, including how to create a CRM strategy for evaluating CRM software, implementing CRM and measuring ROI on a CRM project. Learn how to get started planning a CRM implementation and best practices for managing CRM deployment or a CRM upgrade. Read the latest CRM industry news and research that will help you understand the trends in the CRM market. Read tips and advice for CRM project and process management and change management following a CRM implementation. Find research and case studies to help you uncover the benefits of CRM and the disadvantages of CRM systems. Learn best practices for determining CRM ROI metrics and get ROI advice from CRM and financial experts. This section will provide effective CRM management tips to help you make a difference in your organizations. More about CRM management


Get up-to-date sales management news and browse the latest topics in sales management in this topic section. The sales topics covered in this section will help you understand the advancements in sales management systems and SFA software so you can utilize the latest technology in your organization. Find resources to help you create a sales management strategy and effectively utilize sales force automation software. Read sales news, expert advice and special reports related to sales management. Learn mobile sales management best practices and browse the latest information on salesforce mobile solutions. More about Sales


Explore CRM and marketing strategy resources that will help you design an effective marketing plan in this section. Read the latest marketing news and find out about new marketing strategies and topics. Find marketing management advice including tips for effective campaign management and learn how CRM can help marketing campaigns, email marketing and internet marketing. Get the latest marketing research and information on marketing automation tools and techniques, marketing resources, and customer lifecycle management. Find resources for building and managing customer loyalty and learn how innovative marketing strategies can put your company ahead of the competition. More about Marketing


Discover Software as a Service CRM and CRM on demand resources for CRM leaders and practitioners in this section, including expert advice for developing a SaaS application deployment strategy and case studies featuring unique SaaS implementation strategies. Read the latest headlines on SaaS for CRM and find information on SaaS and hosted CRM solutions. Get detailed information on evaluating SaaS and on-demand CRM software and vendors and read headlines on SaaS CRM software market trends and CRM on-demand trends. More about SaaS

Customer data

Learn how to effectively manage customer data with the resources in this customer data management topic section. Get the latest information on customer data management software such as customer data integration (CDI) technology and CRM analytics. Get answers to your customer data management problems with expert tips and data quality case studies. Learn how to implement customer data management best practices like data quality and data governance. Get data quality management tips and advice and discover the importance of data security, data governance and privacy. More about Customer data

CRM software

Get the latest CRM technology and software and CRM vendor information in this topic section. Get the most strategic resources on CRM software. Find resources for evaluating CRM software solutions and discover the most popular CRM software on the market. Learn about the top CRM market leaders and the CRM technology they are implementing. Get help finding the best CRM software for your organization and read best practices for deploying, managing and maintaining your CRM software solutions. Read the latest news and expert tips on open source CRM software, industry CRM applications and small business CRM solutions. Find case studies from companies who have successfully implemented the latest CRM software applications and industry-specific CRM software. More about CRM software

Learning Guides

The learning tools section provides guides, quizzes and other resources for CRM leaders and practitioners, including self-assessment tools and guides to learning about CRM best practices, CRM technology and sales and marketing tools and best practices. Browse the learning guides and quizzes to discover the latest news, expert advice, reference materials and white papers. More about Learning Guides

Customer experience management

Customer experience management technology helps companies improve customer service and increase revenue. Get answers to the common question "what is customer experience management" and learn how to use customer experience management software to achieve your company's goals. Discover how companies are managing the retail aspect of the customer experience through POS upgrades and e-commerce technology. And find out how companies are managing the customer experience across multiple channels, including the Web, social media, mobile and phone. More about Customer experience management