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  • Salesforce celebrates 15 years of CRM market disruption

    In Salesforce's tenure in the CRM market, the company has made its mark on cloud and mobility but also on redefining relationships with customers.

  • Are companies tone-deaf about social media customer service?

    Customers want customer service wherever they are -- whatever the channel. But many businesses still don't get social media for customer service.

  • Why multichannel customer service is the new mandate

    Companies have to serve customers where they are. Multichannel customer service is the new mandate for business.

  • Social CRM tools ready for prime time

    Social CRM tools have hit the mainstream. Companies that don't monitor what customers and competition are saying about them could get left behind.

  • Hosted contact centers don't help or hurt customer experience

    Compared with on-premises models, hosted contact centers don't harm or enhance customer experience.

  • Using lead-scoring models to prioritize sales opportunities

    Companies waste time on leads that will never culminate in sales. Lead-scoring models can help teams prioritize which leads to nurture.

  • Poor customer data management equals poor customer experience

    When companies abuse customer data, they abuse the customer relationship. Manage customer data as carefully as you would your own corporate data.

  • Best practices for creating quota-busting sales reps

    If your sales reps didn't make quota this quarter, maybe it's a company-wide shortcoming. Which best practices of sales-rep success have you ignored?

  • Six must-have CRM data analytics features

    These six must-haves in CRM data analytics applications get you closer to customers through behavioral insight.

  • The more the merrier: Customer service goes multichannel

    Multichannel marketing means allowing customers to have conversations on their terms, at their convenience and using the channels -- phone, email, chat, text -- that make the most sense to them. At least one study says that customers of companies with multiple communication channels spend 30% more than customers of companies with just one channel, such as a call center. So there's a huge incentive to go multichannel. It's not a matter of when, but a matter of how.

    Why branch out? To put it simply: Making it easier for customers to get in touch can boost both sales and customer satisfaction. This handbook aims to show users and IT professionals alike how to accomplish that. There's expert advice on determining which communication channels to harness to effectively and easily reach customers. By looking at new methods of multichannel marketing -- mobile apps, interactive sites, augmented reality -- readers can pinpoint the first steps to a successful multichannel communication strategy.

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