Call center outsourcing and offshore call center outsourcing

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  • How to fine-tune your contact center

    Call centers can easily fall behind the times with old software, metrics and strategies, so companies need to be forever looking ahead -- toward technologies that fit a multichannel world. In this handbook, readers find detailed explanations of the l... 

About Call center outsourcing and offshore call center outsourcing

Call center outsourcing and offshore outsourcing spark a heated debate amongst call center professionals. Browse the latest call center outsourcing news, expert advice and learning tools to help determine if outsourcing is right for your call center. Learn how to manage agents, optimize the role of an outsourced call center and streamline operations. Find out how to build a business case for outsourcing the call center and test your knowledge on best practices and common problems with the call center outsourcing quiz. Get expert advice on selecting a partner and creating a service-level agreement (SLA) for an outsourcing contract. Learn how to perform a total cost of outsourcing (TCO) analysis and evaluate offshore call center options.