Call center software

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  • Best practices for a contact center technology overhaul

    With all of the contact center technology options available today, it can be challenging to make the best software choices for your organization. Tap into the expert advice in this e-book to choose contact center technology that will help you leverag... 

  • The executive’s guide to contact center technology planning

    In this e-book, learn about emerging contact center technology trends and newer options like self-service technology, analytics and Web 2.0. Find out about 10 must-have technologies for the contemporary contact center. Learn how to select the best te... 

  • Workforce management (WFM) software

    Workforce management (WFM) software is an umbrella term for desktop and mobile programs that help a business manage staff scheduling. The term originated in contact centers and other service businesses that employ a large number of workers who are pa... 

  • workforce optimization (WFO) software

    Workforce optimization (WFO) software is a program suite that combines recording, quality management (QM) and other call center technologies into one console with the purpose of optimizing call center performance. 

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. 

  • abandoned call

    An abandoned call is a call or other type of contact initiated to a call center that is ended before any conversation occurs... (Continued) 

  • skill-based routing (SBR)

    Skill-based routing (SBR) is a component of automatic call distributor (ACD) systems that filters and directs incoming inquiries to call center agents with the most applicable skill sets. 

  • do not call list

    The "do not call" list is a registry of phone numbers in the United States that telemarketers are prohibited from calling in most circumstances. 

  • call center

    A call center is a physical place where customer and other telephone calls are handled by an organization, usually with some amount of computer automation. 

  • voice recognition (speech recognition)

    Voice or speech recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive and interpret dictation, or to understand and carry out spoken commands. 

  • knowledge base

    In general, a knowledge base is a centralized repository for information: a public library, a database of related information about a particular subject, and whatis. 

  • contact center

    A contact center (also referred to as a customer interaction center or e-contact center) is a central point in an enterprise from which all customer contacts are managed. 

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About Call center software

Find call center software resources in this topic section, including information on evaluating vendors and best practices for using call center technology. Read definitions for various call center software options and learn about specific technology like workforce optimization (WFO) including workforce management (WFM), performance management (PM) for the call center and quality monitoring or quality management (QM). Research interactive voice response (IVR), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call center tools, self-service technology, speech analytics and speech recognition technology. Learn about technology for remote call center agents and call recording tools for tracking agent performance. Discover how forward-thinking call centers are using customer survey or feedback tools and how some are incorporating Web 2.0 tools. Find best practices for using call center technology to design a call center quality assurance (QA) program and how to measure call center performance. Research the top call center software companies and find call center software news, expert advice and learning tools to help maximize the efficiency of your call center tools.