Customer experience management strategy

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  • The more the merrier: Customer service goes multichannel

    Multichannel marketing means allowing customers to have conversations on their terms, at their convenience and using the channels -- phone, email, chat, text -- that make the most sense to them. At least one study says that customers of companies wit... 

  • Customer experience consistency key to successful CRM

    The age of the isolated call center is over. Organizations need to give customers a number of ways to reach them -- websites, mobile apps, Short Message Service, social media, the phone. But multichannel retailers, utilities and government agencies n... 

  • Today's customer service starts with mobile, social consciousness

    In a world where newfangled devices become mainstream seemingly overnight, companies are finding that legacy applications and a Facebook page no longer cut it. Whether confused by modifying existing mobile apps or curious about the soon-to-be-release... 

  • Defective mobile applications sully the customer experience

    Mobile applications have become critical connecting points between on-the-go customers and businesses. If a company has a mobile app that isn’t intuitive and helpful, customers will go elsewhere. This e-book chapter will review the technologies and p... 

  • Social media outreach starts with strategy

    Companies don’t always do right by their customers on social media. This e-book chapter will explore how companies misuse social media -- mistaking it for a marketing vehicle -- how they should provide the proper tools to employees and how social pro... 

  • Improving the customer experience through technology

    Social media channels don't necessarily provide everything a business needs to know about customers. This e-book explains the potential failings of social media and how users can overcome those shortfalls. 

  • Moving Service: Staying Connected With Mobile Apps

    It’s expected for businesses to offer mobile apps that can fully integrate into their contact centers and, in turn, fuel e-commerce. This special edition of Business Information magazine will review how apps should be designed to reach custome... 

  • 3-2-1 contact: The call center in a multichannel world

    Long past are the days when the contact center was simply a call center with agents on phones. Today, customers want to interact with agents 24 hours a day via email, chat on social media and text in addition to the old standby, the telephone. E-Handbook

  • Innovation, skills key to an effective customer experience strategy

    With technology rapidly changing, companies want the latest innovations that will work hand in hand with their customer experience strategy. In this issue of Customer Experience Exchange, learn about which technologies companies use and how th... 

  • Are companies implementing customer experience management software too quickly?

    In The State of Customer Experience Management 2012 report from the Temkin Group, only 7% of the companies surveyed felt that they are “very strong” in customer experience management.  In this issue of Customer Experience Exchange, discover ho... 

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  • voice of the customer (VOC)

    Voice of the customer (VOC) is the perception of a customer’s needs and wants. 

  • digital CRM

    Digital customer relationship management is the use of Internet communications channels and technologies to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CEM ) initiatives. 

  • entity-relationship diagram (ERD or ER diagram)

    An entity-relationship diagram is a data modeling technique that creates a graphical representation of the entities, and the relationships between entities, within an information system. 

About Customer experience management strategy

Learn how to enhance brand experience and customer satisfaction through customer experience management. Help agents develop the customer service skills necessary to maintain high levels of customer retention. Improve customer engagement through online customer service, social media and other tools that assist in building a rapport and otherwise creating a conversation with the customer. Discover how to develop an effective customer relationship management strategy.