Online customer service

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  • Web self-service

    Web self-service is a type of electronic support (e-support) that allows customers and employees to access information and perform routine tasks over the Internet, without requiring any interaction with a representative of an enterprise. Web self-ser... 

  • Contact Center: Glossary

    Browse through contact center vocabulary in a handy printable glossary. 

  • customer service and support (CSS)

    Customer service and support (CSS) is the part of a company's customer relationship management (CRM) department that interacts with a customer for their immediate benefit, including components such as the contact center, the help desk, and the call m... 

  • e-support

    Part of the growing trend toward online customer relationship management (CRM), e-support is the electronic (usually Web-based) version of customer service that would otherwise have required either a visit to a company or a telephone call. 

About Online customer service

This online customer service topic section features resources to help you define the pros and cons of online customer service and evaluate vendors. Learn how to get started with using self-service technology and discover web-based customer service best practices. Read case studies from organizations that are finding success with e-service technology and how call centers are using chat effectively. Read online customer service news about self-service vendors and market trends, plus find advice and resources to improve your call center's online customer service strategy.