Open source CRM software

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  • X2Engine founder John Roberts: Traditional CRM systems fat and bloated

    SugarCRM co-founder John Roberts discusses some of today's greatest CRM challenges and his new company, X2Engine. 

  • Forrester reviews a wave of CRM software products

    Forrester makes heads and tails of CRM software in a market that’s seeing extensive vendor consolidation and more cloud deployments. 

  • What is open source?

    Many people are unclear about what open source is and who can benefit from it. In this chapter, open source software expert Bernard Golden gives an overview of the open source software model, covers open source basics and discusses the different char... 

  • Using open source software

    Using open source software means joining the larger open source community. In this chapter, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of open source software communities and find out how everyone involved can benefit from the decentralized and inf... 

  • Developing open source software

    The developers of the open source software development community are responsible for developing open source software. In this chapter, learn more about the open source development community, the type of people that write open source software and whet... 

  • Finding open source software

    Finding open source software is relatively simple, since there are multiple places users can go to access available open source software. In this chapter you'll learn how to find open source products via open source portals, individual product websit... 

  • Open source CRM software: Top five buzzwords

    Get the latest on open source CRM software with this collection of top buzzwords, including the latest terms and definitions related to the open source software trend. 

  • Open Source CRM Learning Guide

    Here you'll find articles, white papers, advice and resources to help you better understand and leverage open source as it applies to your own CRM strategy. From an introduction to open source-related terms to understanding the innovations in tools a... 

  • Succeeding with Open Source: Chapter 1, Overview of Open Source

    Read this excerpt from Chapter 1, Overview of Open Source from Bernard Golden's "Succeeding with Open Source." 

About Open source CRM software

Research open source CRM options with the news and advice in this topic section. Learn about the best open source software for CRM and find out which open source software is user friendly. Read expert advice to help you decide if open source is right for your organization. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of open source CRM, including the advantages and disadvantages of the SugarCRM product line. Find out how open source CRM compares to SaaS CRM and how contact centers are using open source software. Read expert advice about cost savings with open source CRM software. Find tips and techniques for implementing, using and managing open source software. Test your knowledge of open source vendors with our quiz and get an overview of open source CRM with a comprehensive learning guide.