Cincom Systems' Synchrony 4.7

Cincom Systems' Synchrony 4.7

Contact center software

Gold Award:

Cincom Systems' Synchrony 4.7

Cincom Systems' Synchrony 4.7

The competition was particularly fierce in the contact center software category. In 2004, a variety of vendors introduced innovative technologies that aim to help call center managers and agents meet the complex demands of today's mutlichannel customers. We were impressed with many of the nominations but ultimately gave the Gold Award to Cincom's Synchrony 4.7.

Cincom's Synchrony 4.7 is a multichannel customer experience management system that enables synchronized delivery and handling of all customer transactions, including phone, e-mail, fax, Web collaboration, chat and call-me. Synchrony also provides advanced CRM capabilities, including contact information, activity/issue tracking, interaction and transaction history, and preference.

Synchrony uses a multitenant architecture, which allows multiple clients with diverse needs and processes to reside in the same infrastructure – each with its own separate set of processes. It also allows service providers to keep hosting costs low.

The judges also liked Synchrony's SmartTabs feature, where agents are presented with links to information and resources that are relevant to a specific customer interaction. SmartTabs put the power in the hands of managers, who can give agents only the resources they need for specific transactions, thus shortening handle times and decreasing the chance for error.

One of our judges had this to say about Synchrony 4.7:
"Cincom's Synchrony CRM and multimedia contact solutions are offered in both hosted and premise-based options, with a clear transition from hosted to premise-based. These sourcing options clearly meet the needs of today's dynamic businesses. The SmartTab and Universal View create a portal that provides a high functionality solution that leverages existing systems, at an affordable price."

Cincom is aggressively targeting the midmarket and large enterprise departments with a low cost, high value product. Pricing varies based on whether the solution is hosted or on-premise, and based on the number of channels being deployed. In a hosted environment, it takes about 30-45 days for Synchrony to be completely integrated and deployed.

Editor's note: On November 16, 2004, Cincom announced the release of Synchrony 5.1, which features enhancements to version 4.7. This release occurred after the deadline for nomination submission for our 2004 Products of the Year Awards.

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