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Marketing automation: Neolane Enterprise Marketing Software v5.1

Software for marketing can be a challenging arena to navigate, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t good choices out there. SearchCRM had more than 20 products submitted for consideration in the marketing automation software category.

Our judges acknowledged that the choice was close, but they came away with a winner: Newton, Mass.-based Neolane Inc.’s Neolane Enterprise Marketing Software v5.1.

“Neolane won because they offer a well-balanced solution that straddles online and traditional marketing, as well as B2B and B2C marketing,” said one judge.

The software provides a single, Web-services based platform that centrally manages direct marketing campaigns, leads, resources, customer data and analytics, according to submission materials. It helps companies delve into true cross-channel direct marketing, with coordinated campaigns that are consistent across channels. The software also allows companies to design and orchestrate targeted and personalized campaigns from direct mail, e-mail, SMS, MMS and more.

The release of v5.1 has added three features: Neolane Interaction, which enables marketers to unify inbound and outbound offers; Neolane Distributed Marketing, which allows users to facilitate collaboration among central marketing departments, regional offices or points of sale; and Neolane Campaign Optimization, which lets users optimize contact frequency with customers while also identifying periods of under-contact to maximize response rates.

“The application delivers deep capabilities through a user-friendly interface,” a judge said. “This, coupled with their ability to simplify complex campaigns and bring measurement, analytics and campaign management to the broader organization, makes them the overall winner.”

Neolane reports that its customers use the software to improve effectiveness and drive revenue via cross-channel personalized marketing. In its submission materials, a customer reports that the software allowed [it] to gain more visibility and control over its total marketing operations while simultaneously growing into different parts of the world.

Pricing for Neolane Enterprise Marketing Software v5.1 averages $250,000 per deployment, depending on database size, deployed functionality and number of users.

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