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The role and responsibilities of CRM manager vs. customer relationship manager

The customer relationship manager has a challenging and ever-evolving role to play when it comes to optimizing the customer experience.

Can you define the role of a customer relationship manager? Is this role different than that of the CRM manager?...

Have the responsibilities for this role changed as a result of emerging CRM technology and new trends?

If by customer relationship manager you mean an individual who is in charge of actual relationships with a customer (as opposed to an individual who is in charge of customer experience design), then here are some suggestions:

Editor's note: Read more about the role of the customer relationship manager in these books by Lior Arussy.

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This was last published in February 2008

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What is the most important skill required for a CRM manager?
Understand both the entirety of your business (every department and potential touchpoint with a customer) and the needs of customers. 
what are the roles and responsibilities of in house CRM who manage the internal vendors and contractors?