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Where should I outsource my call center? Offshore?

Evaluate offshore outsourcing in this expert tip from Lori Bocklund. Lori outlines key criteria to consider when making an outsourcing decision.

I'm responsible for putting together a business case for outsourcing our call center. What research is available on offshore outsourcing? Where would you put your call center: India, Philippines, Australia, Caribbean or the U.S.?
There are volumes of information available on offshore outsourcing – both supporting it and suggesting it be approached cautiously. You will find information from all the major analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester, vendors, and service providers.

As to where I would put a call center – well, it depends! You have to define some requirements and key criteria...

in order to answer that question. Costs (labor, as well as other costs to start up and manage it), language skills, the types of contacts and customers, and many other factors will need to be considered to determine if it makes sense to outsource, and if so, where.

For more information please read my article on Total Cost of Outsourcing on SearchCRM.com.

This was last published in August 2006

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