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A guide to mobile CRM applications

Discover how mobile CRM applications are keeping contact centers on the go.


Life is busier than ever before, and it is important for people on the go to remain connected and able to multitask. Consumers don't want to be tied up on the phone with a customer service agent when there is so much to be done, and organizations are responding with mobile CRM applications. Approximately 56% of American adults use smartphones, so it's no wonder the demand for mobile CRM applications has increased.

But how much is too much? As a consumer, being connected 24/7 is convenient, but as an employee … not so much. Many workers now feel tethered to the office and that their workdays never really end, posing a real challenge to work-life balance.

This guide examines the opportunities that come with mobile CRM applications, addresses work-life balance issues and provides several case studies that relate the successes and challenges organizations have had with mobile CRM.

1Mobile CRM-

Mobile CRM and the call center

In today's world, consumers are always on the go and need to multitask at any given time, including when dealing with customer service. Many companies have recognized the demand for mobile customer service and are responding accordingly. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile -- due for an update in Fall 2013 -- has mobile, social and cross-browser capabilities, and Salesforce has tossed its hat in the ring with HTML5. Discover how Forrester Research rates some of the CRM products available and learn how mobile CRM has changed contact center operations.


Mobile CRM trend on the rise

Smartphones have created an increasing demand among consumers for businesses to offer downloadable apps that supply real-time information, scheduling and customer service. The contact center will never be the same. Continue Reading


Microsoft releases new mobile CRM product

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile focuses on mobile, social and cross-browser capabilities, and includes features such as one-touch dialing from within the customer record. Continue Reading


Is mobile CRM making the workday longer?

Mobile CRM has helped improve customer relations for numerous organizations, but is it making the work day longer? Find out how being available 24/7 is affecting the work-life balance of many employees. Continue Reading


Improve customer service with mobile CRM

An integrated contact center can help organizations get the most out of mobile CRM apps and keep customers happy. Continue Reading


Forrester Research rates CRM software products

Find out the results of Forrest Research Inc.'s analysis of CRM software products. Continue Reading

2Mobile CRM applications-

Mobile CRM applications trends

The popularity of smartphones and tablets has required the advancement of mobile CRM to include applications a consumer can use to contact customer service in lieu of a phone call. Mobile CRM apps allow a customer to conduct business at the touch of a screen, and if they require more assistance, a customer service representative can take over with the necessary information already at hand. Learn how designing an app is not as easy as it seems, and why an app should not just serve as a smaller version of a website.


Mobile applications move into the contact center

Smartphones and tablets have made life mobile for many consumers, and contact centers are keeping up with mobile CRM applications. Continue Reading


Great mobile apps worth the effort

Some contact centers are finding that smaller, clumsier versions of their websites are not useful to customers who want good service. Learn why building a great CRM mobile app is worth the effort. Continue Reading


Multitask with mobile CRM apps

Commerce apps are mobile CRM apps that allow customers to shop and pay for items directly on their smartphones. Find out how they work and what kinds of organizations are using them. Continue Reading


Mobile CRM apps provide direct line from smartphones to contact centers

Mobile CRM apps are now being designed as 'bridge' programs so customers will not have to start over again if they are transferred to a contact center. Continue Reading


Devil is in the details when designing mobile CRM apps

Designing a successful mobile CRM app requires as much attention to back-end functionality as it does to making it attractive to users on the front end. Continue Reading

3Case studies-

Mobile CRM in action

Mobile CRM is now being used by high-profile organizations in various areas of business, and this section profiles four of them: The Boston Red Sox, Krispy Kreme, Emirate Airlines and clothing retailer Harry Rosen. Learn how each organization uses mobile CRM to create more personal interactions with their customers and the positive impact it has on sales, patronage and customer loyalty.


Boston Red Sox use custom mobile CRM apps to reach out to fans

The Boston Red Sox wants to keep Red Sox Nation happy, and not just with game wins -- find out how they decided to customize a mobile CRM app to drive ticket sales, engage their fans and improve customer relations. Continue Reading


"Hot Now" mobile CRM apps alert Krispy Kreme customers to fresh donuts

Mobile CRM apps allow Krispy Kreme to give their customers exactly what they want, when they want it: freshly baked donuts still hot from the oven. Continue Reading


The sky's the limit for Emirate Airlines mobile CRM apps

Emirate Airlines' crew members now use mobile CRM apps on HP Elite 900 tablets that provide information on the preferences and needs of individual passengers, allowing the crew to make a flight more personal for each of its customers. Continue Reading


Clothing retailer gets up close and personal with mobile CRM

Retailer Harry Rosen has always kept the focus on customers, and its use of mobile CRM has been so successful it won Gartner's gold Sales Effectiveness Award. Learn more about its method here. Continue Reading

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