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CRM case studies: Customer relationship management in action

The state of CRM in marketing, sales and customer service


Today's CRM systems do much more than help companies store customer data and manage leads; these platforms provide sentiment analysis, supply data analysis and deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences thanks in part to artificial intelligence technologies.

With a boost from the AI tools that make CRM systems more effective, worldwide CRM software revenue overtook that of database management systems in 2017, making it the largest of all the software markets and the fastest growing, according to Gartner.

From marketing to sales and customer service, the industry is full of CRM case studies highlighting how chatbots and virtual assistants help businesses improve the customer journey. It's not just AI, though; companies are using data mining and personalization technology and overhauling their customer service channels to better interact with customers.

Use of social media monitoring tools is on the rise, as well, with 37% of the 369 North American respondents to the TechTarget 2018 IT Priorities survey indicating planned investments. That's compared to 13% in 2017.

The CRM case studies and features in this guide offer insights from marketing, sales and customer service professionals who have implemented AI and today's leading technologies into their customer experience management strategies.

1CRM in marketing-

Reaching and understanding customers in the digital age

Sales and marketing teams are able to collect more data about current and potential customers than ever before, and it has become easier to harness that data to personalize marketing efforts.

The CRM case studies in this section highlight how professional marketers in the media, outdoor retail, travel and other markets use AI, data monetization, digital marketing tools and vendor-agnostic reporting software to strategically target customers.


How to create a digital marketing plan

Flyte New Media President Rich Brooks shares his four-step BARE approach to crafting a digital marketing strategy to grow your online presence -- and your customer base. Continue Reading


Fitness club adopts CRM to digitize, personalize the customer experience

24 Hour Fitness wanted to be a digital brand, but it lacked content and had an outdated mobile app and website. With a CRM tool in place, the organization is in better shape than ever. Continue Reading


Q&A: InsightSquared CMO on the death of marketing reporting software

Joe Chernov, CMO at InsightSquared, discusses how marketing-only reporting software is giving way to vendor-agnostic reporting, as well as the challenges facing today's CMOs. Continue Reading


Outdoor Industry Association taps into survey marketing for sales insights

Outdoor retailers are reaching out to potential new customers with data-driven marketing and sales initiatives after decades of catering to the needs of known customers. Continue Reading


AI marketing personalization helps travel club target messaging

Secret Escapes has 10 million travel club members across 12 countries, as well as 250 deals running at any given time. Find out how retail AI tool Jetlore helps the company prevent over-messaging. Continue Reading


Weather Co. takes next step in personalizing data for marketers

The Weather Company uses data monetization software to provide up-to-date weather data to marketers, enabling companies to hyper-personalize their marketing messages based on Mother Nature's whims. Continue Reading

2CRM in sales-

Making the sale with AI and data mining

Companies are turning to every available tool to avoid falling victim to the retail apocalypse. Yet problems arise when retailers try to be everywhere rather than focusing on the most important place in the customer journey.

In this section, read CRM case studies with tips for retail sales success, see customer data mining pitfalls to avoid, and learn how AI has helped companies evolve their CRM efforts to improve responsiveness and increase sales.


Seven expert tips for improving retail sales

Retail consultant Steven Dennis of SageBerry Consulting shares seven steps retailers should follow to boost sales, from harmonizing to personalizing and radicalizing. Continue Reading


How chatbots helped a mobile provider lower return rates

Find out how Azumi Mobile experienced fewer phone returns and increased response times with customer service chatbots. Continue Reading


Wine app turns to virtual agent to overcome growing pains

Vivino grew from an app for rating and learning about wines to an app that sells wines, too. Yet its customer service team couldn't handle the ensuing volume of calls and emails. Enter the virtual agent. Continue Reading


Experts: Drive better sales opportunities with customer data governance

Find out how customer data governance differs from traditional data governance, as well as how it can rein in potential issues before they negatively affect sales. Continue Reading


It's here: Get ready for CRM AI to automate sales

CRM experts and professionals explain why it's finally time for all that hype about AI in CRM to become a reality. Also, get ready for collaboration with context. Continue Reading

3CRM in customer service-

Enhancing the customer experience

As CRM tools evolve, so do the opportunities to improve customer engagement and streamline customer service tasks.

In the CRM case studies and features in this section, experts explain how responding to customers on social media can pay off, share what you need to have in your call centers to enhance customer service, and detail how a multichannel customer engagement approach can replace customer loyalty programs.


Why organizations need a social media customer service strategy

According to Bain & Company, responding to customer service requests sent via social media can result in customers spending 20-40% more with a company. Experts at a recent conference offer more examples of the benefits of social media customer service. Continue Reading


Top eight customer service must-haves for call center systems

Get expert insight into the call center technologies that can help organizations enhance the customer experience. Continue Reading


Customer service channels your organization should focus on

Customers have myriad ways to reach organizations nowadays: chat, social media, mobile devices, email or even the age-old reliable phone. Find out which ones you should focus on in order to enhance customer service. Continue Reading


How evolving CRM tools have helped boost customer engagement

Expert Scott Robinson looks at how changing customer habits and technologies have led to the rise of a new set of CRM tools that have changed how companies engage with customers. Continue Reading


Why Marathon Sports took another run at its customer loyalty program

Marathon Sports had to decide between scrapping its customer loyalty program or reformatting it in such a way that it could still benefit both customers and the company. Find out how it approached improving customer engagement with a multichannel customer experience. Continue Reading


NFL's data-driven strategy improves customer experience for fans

The NFL explains how a data management platform helped it determine what football fans were searching for and what they wanted to see from the league. Continue Reading

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