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Contact center outsourcing: Friend or foe?

This essential guide examines how outsourcing contact center operations could affect customer experience, security and performance. It also looks at changing attitudes in the industry.


Companies have been looking to save money by outsourcing some or all of their contact center operations to an outside entity. But the crucial questions in executing a move this big go beyond a company's bottom line.

Outsourcing brings concerns about the security of customer data. Oversight is difficult as managers strive to make sure their agents are committed to the company's goals. As a general business practice, outsourcing is controversial and is receiving governmental pressure to slow its march. Social media also plays a role in day-to-day operations, while automation and self-service software can be good in theory but potentially hurt customer experience.

This essential guide examines the challenges and benefits of outsourcing contact center operations. Beyond the obvious cost-saving potential, a move such as this is fraught with peril if not handled properly.


Examining the pros and cons of outsourcing

Choosing whether or not to outsource contact center operations is a big step for a company. Ideally, outsourcing CRM will work well and save money, but not all situations will be successful. It's necessary to look internally and ask why outsourcing is necessary. Do some or all operations need to be outsourced? How will this affect a company's data management and overall customer experience? A jump to outsourcing requires a full evaluation of many different factors.


Pros and cons of outsourcing

Saving money is a big reason why some companies choose to outsource operations. But that's not the only reason. If a move to outsourcing is being considered, a company needs to ask itself why such a move is necessary. Continue Reading


Virtual call centers' impact on customer service

While virtualizing some contact center operations can save money, companies strive to cultivate a dedicated staff and see the benefits of a committed, full-time staff. Continue Reading


Hosted or on-premises?

Hosted contact centers put the onus on an external entity to set up the network and manage its systems, while a business takes on all the responsibilities in an on-premises model. Each method has its benefits. Continue Reading


Hosted centers don't hurt or help customer experience

Good news for companies switching to a cloud-based, hosted contact center: Customer experience is shown to remain the same. It can also allow for a quicker rollout of new features, further enticing companies to make the move. Continue Reading


Changing attitudes in the contact center industry

Contact centers deal with much more than phone calls in today's business world. They also handle social media and new innovations in infrastructure and technology. In general, outsourcing is a controversial practice that is being criticized in today's harsh economic climate. Attitudes are changing, not only in how outsourcing is viewed but in the fundamental way in which contact centers operate.


Government involved in blocking outsourcing

Although it was defeated, a bill that would've restricted contact center outsourcing shows that Congress is willing to take action to slow the transfer of jobs overseas. While outsourcing remains a controversial practice, analysts doubt the effectiveness of measures like this. Continue Reading


Considering outsourcing social media support

Social media is a fast-growing and changing part of CRM, and some contact centers aren't ready to meet customers on those channels. In those cases, it makes sense to hire an outside entity to monitor those channels. Continue Reading


Advancing contact center metrics

Beyond Verbal is developing a technology that measures human vocal intonation to help contact centers better serve customers and assist with employee training. It's a metric called "emotions analytics," and it is changing the way contact centers analyze data. Continue Reading


SIP, the cloud as options for upgrades

In their quest to connect customer data into a seamless view, companies are looking at ways to upgrade contact center infrastructure. A cloud-based structure could make sense for a hosted contact center, but with many located on-premises, other options exist. Continue Reading

3Best practices-

How to avoid pitfalls in the modern contact center

Practices such as automation and self-service have, in some cases, improved efficiency and further developed relationships with customers. However, this software is not a cure-all, and the human element is still needed. For a company looking to outsource contact center responsibilities, security is already a big concern. In implementing these practices, managers also need to worry about customer experience being negatively affected.


The mixed blessings of automation

Automation, in theory, helps streamline the customer experience and improve efficiency. Despite the glowing promise this offers, it's still important to maintain a human element in a contact center and have the two work in tandem. Continue Reading


When automation goes wrong

No matter how sophisticated the technology, it has the potential to fail. In the case of a contact center, this can lead to customer frustration. Measures need to be taken to ensure that systems are calibrated and the correct oversight is employed. Continue Reading


Making sense of automation technologies

With so many different versions of automation technology, it can be hard to determine which one is right for your business. Continue Reading


Software to help improve performance

Contact center performance management software can give managers crucial data to fix problems and make operations run more smoothly. Accurate internal monitoring can positively affect customer experience. Continue Reading


Being cautions with self-service

Customer self-service can foster interaction and lead to a better customer experience, but only when it is used in moderation. Discretion is key when implementing this, as it shouldn't be used to try to fix every problem. Continue Reading


Agent's perspective on a virtual call center

Virtual contact center agents enjoy flexibility in a familiar environment, taking customer calls from the comfort of their homes. But there are also aspects that make this agent long for the experience of working in an office. Continue Reading

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