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Guide to customer experience management best practices, technologies

In this Essential Guide, experts identify technologies, strategies and best practices for customer experience management.


Customer experience management (CEM) is a growing part of customer relationship management, fueled by new technologies (e.g., tablets and smartphones) and the influx of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Glowing praise or scathing reviews are instantly viewed by millions of consumers, and companies have taken note.

This guide consists of articles that shed light on the new technologies shaping CEM today and offers advice on strategies and best practices organizations can use to optimize customer relations, increase profit and keep up with their consumers.


Social media and other technologies that are changing CEM

Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook have influenced customer experience management in a big way, and companies are now investing in new technologies to keep pace and maintain good customer relations. These articles detail how organizations are incorporating social tools and customer experience management best practices into their operations.


Enterprise AI tools enhance customer experience

Enterprise AI is increasingly becoming integral to capturing the attention of customers, helping companies retain users. Continue Reading


Customer service analytics can aid customer experience

Customer analytics helps companies target and retain the right customers and improve customer experience. Continue Reading


Examining customer experience trends in 2017

Eric Berridge, CEO and co-founder of Bluewolf Group, discusses managing customer experience and CEM trends in 2017. Continue Reading


Intelligent systems lead the pack in 2017 trends

AI, IoT, chatbots, and virtual reality bring new insights and help decision-makers take action effectively. Continue Reading


Multichannel customer experience has grown increasingly essential to success

Companies understand embracing a well-integrated multichannel customer experience is the key to good customer service. Continue Reading


Video chat stalls in path to personalized customer experience

The next wave of personalized customer experience was hailed to be through video chat, but it has had difficulty picking up traction. Continue Reading


Sales reps get a hand with cloud AI software

Conversica cloud AI software assists sales reps by automating cumbersome sales tasks that can take up valuable time. Continue Reading


Call center agents get customer insights from ominchannel tools

Omnichannel tools provide contact center agents with a 360-degree view of customers, allowing them to provide the best customer experience possible. Continue Reading


Social media changing customer experience for the better

Dennis Pombriant, CEO of Stoughton, Mass.-based Beagle Research Group, believes customer experience is having a renaissance due to the use of social media. He shares his opinion on which vendors are leading the charge with new CEM technologies. Continue Reading


Experts say single view of customer makes communication more efficient

With all the new technology out there, such as smartphones and tablets, companies are now communicating with customers through multiple channels. To do so more easily, they are using CEM technology to create a single view of the customer. Continue Reading


Cross-channel communication consistency is crucial for successful CEM

Experts warn that companies need to have the technology to handle cross-channel communications without a drop in customer service quality or consistency. Multiple channels should be viewed as a single entity, not separate and unconnected. Continue Reading


Tablets are important players in CEM

The tablet trend is proving to be significant to customer experience management. Businesses and sales departments that use tablets have shown improved close rates and better customer relations, according to experts. Continue Reading


IBM purchases CEM analytics firm

IBM enters customer experience management in a big way by acquiring Tealeaf Technology Inc., a customer experience analytics company based in San Francisco. Continue Reading


Making the most of technologies and employees

Technology is important, but it's not much use without strategies on how and when to use it while managing customer relationships. This section has articles that describe how businesses are serving their customers by investing in their employees.


Creating a unified multichannel customer experience can still be challenging

Insight into customer interactions allows companies like Marathon Sports create a more positive customer experience. Continue Reading


Multichannel strategies translate to successful customer experiences

Improving customer experience comes from organizations knowing their customers and advantageously using that information. Continue Reading


Mobile and CRM tools help shape customer experience

Mobile and CRM tools as well as collaboration technologies are helping organizations reshape customer engagement strategies. Continue Reading


Contact centers more central to customer experience than previously thought

Organizations viewed contact centers as drains instead of assets, but recent developments in multichannel interactions have tipped the scales. Continue Reading


Personalized customer service integral to sales and marketing

Tailoring the customer experience to individual interactions is crucial to successful sales. Continue Reading


Philadelphia chief customer service officer brings customer service and engagement to local city gov

Rosetta Lue, chief customer service officer, treats residents like customers and applies customer service management to city issues. Continue Reading


Coca-Cola, GE and Virgin Airlines strategize technology to connect to customers

To retain and attract customers, businesses are employing new technologies such as touchscreens and Web analytics tools. But, according to experts, new technology means nothing without strategies in place. Continue Reading


Old-school contact center now studying CEM

Contact centers have been generally viewed as a last stop for customers to air their grievances, but now organizations are seeing contact centers as another way to drive business, increase customer profitability and strengthen customer relationships. Continue Reading


Improve customer experience by focusing on employees

Analysts warn that businesses are at risk if they do not capitalize on the link between satisfied employees and happy customers. But without executive support, the strategy will come to naught. Continue Reading


Investment in employees yields better ROI

It takes money to make money, as the old adage goes. A study shows that well-paid customer service employees are happier, resulting in better customer relationships, more sales and increased profits. Continue Reading


CEM requires more than just customer service

Nowadays, customer service requires more than a pleasant personality and general computer knowledge. Businesses are now strategizing to strengthen customer experiences by teaching their employees collaborative, mobile, social media, problem-solving and organizational skills. Continue Reading

3Best practices-

Best practices for customer experience management

This section includes best practices for organizations to follow when managing the customer experience. The articles include both success stories and stumbles of businesses that employ CEM.


Explicit data can enhance the customer journey

Customer experiences can be improved through personalization by utilizing explicit data. Continue Reading


Understanding customers can lead to success

Utilizing a knowledgeable customer engagement strategy, like Starbucks has, can lead to success. Continue Reading


Maintaining customer relationships requires companies to keep their word

In order to keep a customer’s trust and create a positive customer experience, companies must keep brand promises. Continue Reading


Digital marketing derives success from linked campaigns

Linking campaigns through omnichannel marketing results in a more seamless customer experience. Continue Reading


Content matters in customer experience management

Delivering the right content the right way at the right time is essential for successful customer experience management. See what steps businesses are taking to communicate information to their customers. Continue Reading


Customer experience continues after the sale

Data suggests post-sale customer interactions are important to customer retention. Continue Reading


How to plan for customer experience management

Customer experience management is not just about managing customers; it's also about managing the processes. Experts weigh in with advice on what companies should do to improve customer service quality. Continue Reading


CEM a priority, not an afterthought

Jeanne Bliss, co-founder and vice chair of Customer Bliss, a customer experience consultancy based in Los Angeles, shares her insights on why executives should regard CEM as the true work of their organizations. Continue Reading


IT and contact center must join forces for great CEM

For customer experience management to succeed, it is imperative that the contact center and IT department improve communication and work in tandem. Collaboration is key to preventing frustration and project delays. Continue Reading


Customer journey maps help companies understand patrons

Customer journey maps enable companies to create a better customer experience through insight. Continue Reading


Re-measure contact center metrics

Evaluating employee performance is a catalyst for improving performance, but the metrics used to do so are sometimes outdated. Contact center metrics should be updated to relate more to customer experience management and business drives, not just tally call-handling goals. Continue Reading


Terms related to CEM

This section contains common terms associated with customer experience management.


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