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April 2013, Volume 1, Number 2

Mobile technology makes time management challenging

Ira Goldstein has all the perks of a typical, jet-setting, 21st-century executive: a high-paying job, power, prestige. And his workday is never over. As president of the policy solutions group at The Reinvestment Fund in Philadelphia, Goldstein travels often but is connected 24/7 to what’s going on at work. He regularly has to access large databases that reflect conditions in the local housing markets, such as the amount of subsidized housing stock or foreclosure activity that he’ll pull together, analyze and put into presentations for clients -- all on the road. "And [while] you are out of the office and doing that kind of work, the things in the office don’t stop," he said. But keeping in constant contact with everything his team is doing is draining, Goldstein admitted -- and that doesn't stop when his business travels do. "You never feel fully like you have downtime," he said. "Thankfully, my children are grown now. But even when I'm home in the evening, watching a movie with my wife or out to dinner, [I’m] always on call." ...

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