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June 2017, Vol. 5, No. 3

Customer data mining rules changing in Trump's corporations-first era

The data universe may be expanding even further as the Donald Trump administration and Congress work with ISPs to loosen regulations governing the sale of subscriber search histories. Daragh O Brien, managing director of data management consultancy Castlebridge Associates, said there are valid marketing reasons for companies to use data on the web browsing histories of individual consumers. But, he added, they must use the data in a reasonable way with transparency and benefits for customers, such as less-intrusive advertising on websites. Things haven't yet settled down on that particular customer data mining front, however, and marketers should keep an eye on how legislators are reacting. O Brien noted that some states are likely to take steps to counteract the federal action that paves the way for ISPs to sell browser histories -- the Minnesota state legislature quickly passed a bill to do just that in March. He also predicted that many internet users will set up virtual private networks or use other means to preserve the ...

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