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June 2018, Vol. 6, No. 3

Selecting a CRM cloud to host sales, service and marketing

Many reasons motivate companies to migrate customer data and CRM applications to the cloud -- stemming costs of on-premises IT maintenance, the public cloud's near-infinite scalability and developers' increasing comfort using these environments. But perhaps the biggest attraction is the pooling of data in one place and deploying cutting-edge, cloud-based AI tools to gain new insights otherwise too labor-intensive for manual analysis. Once an organization decides to put its CRM in the cloud, choosing a public or private cloud to host a CRM system from among Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure or the vendor's private CRM cloud should be simple. It's a commodity by now, so pick the cheapest option and move to the next phase, right? Not so fast. As growing businesses scale into first-time CRM users encompassing sales, service and support, marketing and e-commerce, the choice might look simple, but many other factors go into choosing the right cloud. That choice, according to experts, might ...

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