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Special Edition, March 2013

Never stop striving for great mobile apps

On a recent trip into Boston on what we Bay Staters call the T, the local light-rail and subway system, I noticed something peculiar about the other passengers. They didn’t have faces. Or at least ones you could see. They were buried in some handheld device or another. “Strange,” I thought, before turning to my smartphone and emailing my editor. It’s obvious that the developed world has gone mobile, but like me, some companies are seemingly oblivious, offering not great mobile apps but ones that are really just smaller, clunky versions of websites. As says Michael Kan, a law student interviewed for this special edition of Business Information magazine on the mobile phenomenon, “Apps shouldn’t try to do every­thing its website does.” But there are things they need to do to satisfy this new mobile world: design apps that allow customers to con­duct business on their devices but also connect them to live agents if needed. Oh, and they should be as easy to use as a doorknob. It’s easier said than done. Attractive apps that trigger ...

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  • Never stop striving for great mobile apps

    Mobile apps are not spinoffs of their website predecessors—they need to be designed with mobile devices in mind. The formula is the right combination of form and function.