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The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management

Learn CRM implementation from both business and technology perspectives in this chapter from Jill Dyche's CRM Handbook.


Series: Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series, ISBN: 0201730626; Published: 8/10/2001; Copyright 2002; Pages: Final; Edition: 1

A Pre-Implementation Checklist

I spend most of my time these days evaluating how prepared companies are to launch their CRM programs, be they departmental or enterprise-wide, single or multifunction. Sometimes this occurs at the requirements definition stage, where there is uncertainty about the perceived need and its implementation viability.Other times it involves evaluating a company's existing infrastructure just prior to implementation.What I do most is quiz key CRM stakeholders about their existing environment from both business and technology perspectives.



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Managing Your CRM Project: A Pre-Implementation Checklist

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Planning Your CRM Program

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