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Voices of CRM: John Roberts of SugarCRM talks open source

In this podcast, John Roberts discusses open source CRM's present and future prospects, compares it to on-demand CRM and shares why he stays friendly with Microsoft.

John Roberts

In this podcast, John Roberts, CEO of SugarCRM, discusses the present and future prospects of open source CRM, compares it to on-demand CRM and shares why he stays friendly with Microsoft, a company many in the open source community consider a foe.

Roberts, Clint Oram and Jacob Taylor co-founded SugarCRM in 2004. The three men had previously worked together at Epiphany. Roberts has also held sales and marketing positions at BroadVision, Baan and IBM.

  Voices of CRM: SugarCRM's John Roberts  

  • Download the podcast here: The CEO of SugarCRM talks up open source applications, on-demand and staying friendly with Microsoft.

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