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Voices of CRM: Richard Feinberg on call center technology and outsourcing

Richard Feinberg, director of the Center for Customer Driven Quality, discusses call center metrics, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), speech technology, and the problems of offshore call center outsourcing.

Richard Feinberg
Richard Feinberg

Our Voices of CRM podcast series continues with this conversation with Richard Feinberg, director of the Center for Customer Driven Quality at Purdue University. Feinberg shares his thoughts on call center technology, including speech technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), how companies are now paying for some of the mistakes of call center offshore outsourcing and the best way to measure customer satisfaction.

Feinberg, a PhD, is also a consumer psychologist and professor in the Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing at Purdue. He teaches courses in consumer behavior, retailing, "e"-retailing, CRM and leadership.

  • Download the podcast here: The director of Purdue's Center for Customer Driven Quality discusses call center speech technology, offshore outsourcing, VoIP and call center metrics.
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  • VoIP tip: Byram Healthcare Centers Inc. cut costs and response time by implementing a VoIP system in its call center customer service operation.


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