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Smart CRM East

Here's a complete look at our coverage of Smart CRM East, a conference sponsored by TechTarget and Peppers & Rogers Group.

Here's a complete look at our coverage of Smart CRM East, a conference sponsored by TechTarget and Peppers & Rogers...


Smart CRM focuses on the numbers

Is your CRM project paying dividends? A major takeaway from this month's conference is the need to quantify CRM success.

Smart CRM West

Don't miss the next installment of Smart CRM, featuring an entirely new agenda. 

Join us in San Francisco from June 16 to June 18, 2004. Apply to attend for free.

Consultant: Be smart about BI

The intelligent way to tackle business intelligence is to understand that different users require different types of information, according to a veteran BI consultant.

With CRM, less can be more

Forget customer satisfaction. One CRM consultant argues that his formula for improving customer relationships is far more effective.

Service turnaround closes Continental divide

Continental Airlines has transformed its call center and the way it evaluates reps. The most impressive result may be its agent attrition rate, a meager 1.2%.

'F' word still dominates CRM thoughts

No matter how hard it tries to take it off, the CRM industry continues to wear a scarlet "F" for failure.

The privacy fallacy

Protecting customer privacy eats up costs, right? Actually, one consultant argues that, if you do it right, it might actually make you money.

Don't believe all of what you hear about CRM

A consultant in charge of Peppers & Rogers' ROI practice said that CRM is working a lot better than many reports would have you believe.

Peppers keynote: Get a piece of the ROC

You may not be familiar with the term "return on customer" (ROC), but consultant Don Peppers kicked off the Smart CRM show by saying it's a key to maximizing your business.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentations from these and other Smart CRM sessions.

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