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Designing a call center metrics strategy

In this podcast, get advice from Lori Bocklund and Steve Suhn of Strategic Contact on the top 10 metrics to consider in the call center.

Metrics are one of the most important aspects of call center management, yet designing a metrics strategy can be difficult. There are many metrics to consider for a call center, and the "right" ones depend on many factors about your business, strategic goals, customers, center operations, budget, resources, and other factors. In this podcast, get advice from Lori Bocklund and Steve Suhn of Strategic Contact on the top 10 metrics to consider in the call center. Learn the definition for these call center metrics, tips on how to measure each one and ways to manage a call center metrics strategy. You'll hear about the following metrics in detail -- and many more, plus tips on metrics that made the "honorable mention" list:

  • Service level
  • Quality monitoring scores
  • Schedule adherence
  • Occupancy
  • Average handle time

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Fast forward to questions that interest you most.

  • 1:17 Lori and Steve, I'm looking over your "top 10" list of call center metrics. Should every call center follow this list as part of their metrics strategy?
  • 2:22 There are some metrics that are noticeably absent from your list. Favorites like average service level (ASA), first call resolution (FCR) and abandon rate. Why did you leave those off?
  • 6:35 readers are always interested in where to set their targets for metrics. How do they know what to use as a target for service level, handle time, and other metrics? Should they benchmark?
  • 9:35 How much does the role of the center influence what their metrics should be? For example, for a center that is required to sell versus a center that is purely for customer service, do a lot of things change?
  • 12:55 If someone is just starting a new call center, how should they approach the planning part and define their metrics and targets?
  • 16:22 Who should be responsible for tracking metrics? Is it the role of the call center manager, the QA manager, or someone else?

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This was last published in March 2008

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