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8. Call center training budget

Read the eighth answer to's call center agent quiz and more detailed information on workforce optimization and call center performance.

8. Call center training budget

According to call center experts, what percentage of the call center budget should go to training?

a) Less than 1%
b) 3% to 5%
c) 5% to 10%
d) Whatever your call center can afford


Donna Fluss, Principal of DMG Consulting, LLC. says the training budget for a relatively stable shop is generally 3% to 5%.

"With today's ongoing corporate cost control pressures, it is tempting to slash your training budget, as it may be viewed as 'non-productive,' " Fluss said. "This is a mistake. The right training courses yield more productive agents who will also deliver a better customer experience. In my experience, I have found that well-designed training programs are one of the highest return investments you can make. To justify training investments and obtain management approval, I've studied a number of programs and calculated a rapid ROI of six to nine months."

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This was last published in August 2006

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