• The top five sources of increased customer power

    Learn how to advocate for customers and earn their trust in this chapter download. MIT professor Glen Urban will show you why you should do this, how you can do this, and what other leading edge companies are doing in this arena.  Continue Reading

  • Common customer service mistakes

    As your number one asset, your customers hold tremendous power. Learn how to maximize and leverage your customer base for increased profitability and a stronger bottom line.  Continue Reading

  • Ten myths about your customers: Strategies for creating customer loyalty

    This text offers insights into the world of acquiring and retaining customers and ten common myths that businesses have about their customers. Find out how a company can become customer-centered and customer-preferred in this sample chapter, "What ...  Continue Reading

  • The New Solution Selling

    This follow-up to the best-seller "Solution Selling" focuses on streamlining the sales process to achieve greater success in fewer steps and a shorter time frame. Chapter 1 focuses on the definition and philosophy of solution selling.  Continue Reading

  • Shopping for CRM systems

    This chapter offers a look into how to properly select the CRM software that is right for your company. You'll find explanations of all types of CRM software options, including vertical software, CRM suites and mid-range versus high-end systems. ...  Continue Reading

  • Auditing your CRM software

    This chapter gives decision-makers practical insight for planning, designing, and deploying CRM systems that deliver on their promises -- and for avoiding the pitfalls that cause so many CRM implementations to fail. You'll find ways to audit your ...  Continue Reading